The Orthodox’s Three Initiation Sacraments to the Babe and the Three Loaves

Summary: The Orthodox’s Three Sacraments to the Babe and the Three Loaves

Jesus: “Which of you, if a ‘friend’ should come to you at ’midnight’, asking, please ‘lend’ me ‘three loaves’, would not ultimately give him such…?”

The Orthodox administer all three sacraments of initiation at once in the beginning of the “day” of human life, the infant. This is in contrast to Rome, which, out of greater Petrine Wisdom, spreads them out, waiting till the child is of reason to receive the Eucharist, and until, in many cases, just before adolescence for Confirmation.

Too, Orthodox Rite liturgical times and seasons many times are different from Roman Catholic ones, hence a “discrepancy of time measurement”. Too, the Jews measure time with the day beginning at sunset, whereas Romans measure time as beginning at midnight.

Too, the sacraments ultimately belong in the Catholic Church. That some share in the sacramental life exists outside her visible boundaries is based on the reality that grace and truth “overflow” to others of good will. Hence, schismatics have all seven sacraments and a little instability in the ocean of doctrine without Peter (seven loaves, few fish!), whereas heretics have two sacraments in utter doctrinal instability and lack five, the five requiring the Episcopate (five loaves, two fish).

Hence, in a sense, the sacraments are “borrowed” from Peter by schismatics and heretics.

Moreover, it is not fitting--it is at an inopportune time [midnight!]--to give the Eucharist and Confirmation to a child who has not Reason!

So, at the beginning of the “day” of human life, a time measurement different Jesus’ time (at midnight, not sunset), an inopportune time, the Church “lends” the three sacraments of initiation to the Orthodox!

Wow! Three loaves at Midnight and the Orthodox Sacramental Time!

Now totally complete prophetic revelation of sacramental ecclesiology by Jesus!!!

Prerequisite: Loaves & Fishes: Revelation of Sacramental Ecclesiology

Wow! I never saw this scripture before in detail! Jesus said of 3 loaves at midnight, would we not give them to a friend at that hour, even if inconvenient?

So far we have 5 loaves, 2 fish....heretics lose 5 sacraments and retain only 2 in instability of the ocean of doctrine, where we get fish from...

And 7 loaves and a few fish...schismatics have all 7 sacraments but are a little unstable in the sea of doctrine without Peter.

What about three loaves at midnight?

First, Jews measure time from sunset to sunset, the God way, but pagan Romans measured the day from midnight to midnight!

The Orthodox measure time different from us! Their Lent and Easter are different usually. Their disciplines are different.

Also, that they are loaves implies that if this is a separated church, it has Apostolic Succession, since heretics don’t have loaves, as they don’t have the earth in which to grow barely, since they have not the pillar and ground of truth, the Episcopate!

BINGO, the Orthodox have Apostolic Succession, and hence, like the seven loaves, all seven sacraments, these three sacraments, or loaves, are of the schismatics! But which three?

Only three sacraments are of Initiation! Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist! And when do the Orthodox give them? All at once to the baby!

They do a different order from Rome!


  1. Baby: Baptism
  2. Age 7~: Confession, Eucharist
  3. Age 14~: Confirmation

Orthodox (and Eastern Catholics):

  1. Baby: Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist!

Three loaves at the beginning of life, the different day of life, measured by different time!

Everything fits perfectly! How the hell could this be a mere coincidence? It is all sensible and appropriate!


The friend asks us to lend the three loaves. Behold, the loaves, or Sacraments, belong to the Catholic Church. The schismatics are our friend, and the grace of the Sacraments, though ultimately belonging to the Church, spill over into the outside Christian Communities and Churches. Hence, the Church lends the three sacraments to the Orthodox. Why three? Well:

Vocation Sacraments are only two: Marriage, Holy Orders

Healing Sacraments are also only two: Confession and Anointing of the Sick.

But Initiation Sacraments are the only set of THREE! : Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist.

And the Orthodox indeed use the three all at once! When? At infancy, the beginning of the human day, of life! But at midnight, the beginning of the day according to a different time schedule!

That is, midnight is the middle of the night, not the beginning of the day?! Yes! That is true for Jewish time, the time of Jews! The Godly time. But midnight is the beginning of the day for Roman time. Note, too, the Catholic Church is the true religion of Jesus, and so has Godly time. The Orthodox have different time, many times, using Julian or variated calendars instead of Gregorian. They have different disciplines. But yes, by their alternate liturgical time, they eat the three loaves in the beginning of their liturgical day!