The Devil's Counterfeit of Heaven

The Devil's Counterfeit of Heaven

There are nine total sacramental steps in life, from birth to death:

1. Natural Birth 2. Supernatural Birth, or Baptism 3. Confession 4. Confirmation 5. Eucharist 6. Marriage 7. Holy Orders 8. Unction 9. Natural Death

Six will remain in heaven forever, either literally from effect, or in principle. Three will not. The three that will not are easier to see:

Confession Anointing of the Sick Natural Death

Three Sacramental Signs shall never be again in heaven

Confession: There shall never be sin in heaven ever, nor is there penance or healing to do, we will have been utterly purged and utterly made selfless.

Anointing of the Sick: Every tear shall be wiped away, there is no more suffering in the heaven, nor need for healing.

Natural Death: though we will have to die naturally, our soul first shall partake of the beautiful life that shall never end, then, at the end of time, our body also: “And death and the netherworld were cast into the lake of fire.”

The other six sacramental components of life will last forever in heaven either literally or in principle.

Six Sacramental Signs will remain forever:

Natural life: Forever will we live, even supernaturally.

Baptism: Forever will we be children of God, the indellible mark of Baptism, members of Christ’s Church, forever will we continue to know and love God, the Baptismal Disposition.

Confirmation: Forever will we be a mature member of the Church, sealed with the Spirit, the indelible mark of the Gifts of the Spirit on our Soul.

Eucharist: Literal Eucharist will cease, but forever shall we commune with our brothers and sisters, forever shall we feast on God's truth and love and one another's love, forever will the eternal Sabbath last, the supreme day of the Eucharist.

Marriage: Literal marriage will cease in heaven, but forever will we be spouses of the Christ, both individually and collectively, receiving into our inner being the love and truth of God and offering ourselves back to Him in unfathomable ecstasy.

Holy Orders: Forever will we be marked a servant of Our God, whether by the literal, eternal and indellible mark of Holy Orders, or by the vocation that God gave us as servants and handmaids: mediating grace as a priest, as a biological father, as a single lay person in his talents and gifts, or too, in the feminine sense, motherly gifts and service, and sisterhood.

The Counterfeits of the 6 Eternally Lasting Sacramental Signs

The dragon mocks heaven and the Sacraments, and so presents his own, superficial, sinful version of “heaven on earth.”

Natural Birth: Life is a gift, but for the dragon, it is not a gift from God; it is yours, intrinsically of your own making, to do with as you see fit.

Supernatural Birth, Baptism: you are a child of God, dependent on him like a son or daughter to a Father, meant to know and love Him all through this life, but to the dragon, you are NOT his child, nor dependent but meant to ascend the heavens like God, equal to Him. You can believe whatever you want (You will surely not die!, Ye shall be like gods, knowing good and evil! And the false prophet led humanity to worship the first beast from the sea.) and you don't need to love and obey God; rather, do as you wish, and there will be no consequences (Go ahead and take the fruit from the Tree of Life, and you will surely not die! Who is like the beast, and who is able to wage war with it!)

Eucharist: Seek no communion with God and others, centered around the Word of God in all its profundity and mystery (The Liturgy of the Word), or to feed upon God Himself, the very grace that is able to enable you to love Him and neighbor (Liturgy of the Eucharist). That is boring. Rather, seek superficial camaraderie in bragging with your cronies of your pleasures attained, possessions and wealth, and your egotistical accomplishments. Also, gather together not around the spiritual food which is able to save you, but in gluttony, excess in merely physical food and drink, taken as ends unto themselves.

Confirmation: God desires to confirm us in mature righteousness and wisdom for the goal heaven in the next life, the possession of mystery and love forever, but the dragon says nonsense, seek your "confirmation" in worldly success of this life, for the ultimate goal of egotistical accomplishments, pleasures, and possessions.

Marriage: the dragon twists the beauty and love and covenant of marriage into superficial and perverse sexuality, taken only for pleasure, selfishly, as in fornication, prostitution, and all perversions that man can make up.

Holy Orders: We are all called to serve God and His Church for His glory and the benefit of others, but the dragon says, seek rather to serve your own selfish interests, for you only live once. Why care for others and serve a greater cause. Get what you can from this life while you are able.

This is the dragon's six fold counterfeit of heaven, but none of these things can ever satiate the human longing. Only the fulfillment of these six signs in heaven can truly fulfill the desires and longing of the human heart.

The Consequences of Choosing the 6-fold Counterfeit of Heaven

The consequences of being led astray into the lie of the counterfeit of heaven is the everlasting horror of hell and its sixfold horrific, eternal counterparts to the counterfeits, which are also simply the total negation of the six heavenly things mocked.

The 6 Eternal Horrors of Hell, the true results of the 6 Counterfeits of Heaven

Natural Life: God gave you your life at infancy, but you have forever thrown it away for some thing or things of this world. You have infinitely mocked God and all human dignity by saying to God and yourself that pleasures, possessions, and egotistical accomplishments are to be preferred to everlasting love, which implies the former things are superior. Since you can no longer repent as you cross the threshold of death, you are forever fixed in this insult and desire, and so your natural life has been lost forever in exchange for eternal death.

Baptism: you chose to assert your utter independence from God, and that knowing Him and loving Him was either unnecessary, or unsatisfying. But without God, there is only eternal misery and loneliness, and so forever you will be separated from Him, your only source of joy. This is the greatest torment of Hell. Secondly, you thought superficial things were better than knowing and loving God, but now forever you know, but cannot help, that the frivolous things can never fully satiate you; so you will forever be in eternal frustration, and forever now, you will never have the mystery and communion of love that you shirked, but that now, you forever realize was the only thing that can truly satiate.

Eucharist: You chose superficial camaraderie and selfish friendships based on frivolous things in common, and shared boasts of your materialistic feats, in place of love and mystery binding the spirits of children and bride of God, but now you must have the companionship of the damned. The insults of unspeakable vulgar and horror will be hurled at you by the other damned souls and the demons, mocking you for all the chances you had for redemption and mercy, but threw them away in arrogance and indifference. Now, none of your superficial accomplishments and indulgences will mean anything, for in their place and the desire thereof, you only have unspeakable torment. And the rest you shirked on the Sabbath, the Supreme Day of Eucharist, has given way to the tortures that shall never end, “Day and night, shall they suffer, but there shall be no rest for them, and the smoke of their torment will rise forever and ever.”

Confirmation: You sought confirmation in worldly pleasures, wealth, and accomplishment, but it is all for naught. Those things are worthless in God’s eyes. Now, forever, your disdain for true confirmation, the sacrament of mature strength for righteousness, will haunt you forever.

Marriage: You sought sexuality only for pleasure and thrill, and not for love, and now you will never have love, either from a spouse, or from God. You chose to fornicate, by materialism, with the CreaTION, instead of marrying your CreaTOR, and now that is lost forever. The Creation you can longer have, only eternal frustration in seeking it as its own end, and the Wedding Feast with your Maker, forever have you been locked out from it; eternally, you have been rejected to be part of His Bride.

Holy Orders: you served yourself and the evil one instead of God, now forever, the only way you do something useful, and yet only in part, is to suffer forever, yet never fully repaying the service to God you owe Him, that you had ample opportunities to do so in the former life, but shunned them all, for you cannot repay the Infinite God you insulted with yourself; you rejected His gift to you to repay Him with Himself, so forever will you suffer, yet with the horror that you never fully repay Him.

Moreover, to return to the three sacraments that will NOT be in heaven at all, the implications of these negative elements of earthly life will persist in hell forever:

The Three Sacramental Signs forever in Deprivation

Confession: You had a chance at Mercy in Confession, and you threw it away at all impasses. Now you will forever sin, and never have possibility for mercy.

Anointing of the Sick: You thought the earthly pains should be avoided at all costs, and shunned the last chance at mercy; now forever, again, there shall be no more chance of mercy, nor shall there be healing for sickness. The torments of hell last forever and there is no cure.

Natural Death: Not only have you died naturally, but eternally you have died spiritually, forever to die, the second death!