The parable of the laborers in the vineyard imaging the doctrinal development ages of the church


The laborers in the vineyard amazingly fulfill our timing and the musical scale of doctrinal development

Now get this

When you look at the previous post on the musical scale of the trumpets there are five total flats or five great sources of discord that separates the various religions that come out of the Catholic Church or at least a develop against the church

We also saw that there were five toes of the Christ and did the image of the crucified feet revealed these five sources

This was because there was an inverse proportional relationship between a sources depth of Truth by itself and the evidence to support its legitimacy as truth

This means that when you go from Trinity and incarnation from left to right down to reason

Then on the one foot of Jesus the toes descend in from Truth at the top down to the bottom

But on the foot on top the toes start out low and ascend

This place is a one-to-one correspondence between the source and its depth of Truth versus its evidence across across the toes of one foot on the toes on top of the other foot

And again these are five

And it is incredible that in the laborers the laborers go out five times is if there were five great sources of truth that the laborers are to labor out against to work out the implications of these sources against the world that persistently resistant

Which is to say that labor involves going against resistance you have to push your muscles against the thing you you lift or against the thing pull or against the thing you twist because if there was no resistance there would be no labor because there would be no muscles to have to exercise an effort to accomplish your goal

Hence the church in this age of Labor must exercise effort and and labor and difficulty to work out the sources of Truth against the world that resists her

Now the timing of these sources of Truth is astounding that is the timing of when the laborers go out

Now the Christ says that there are 12 hours in a day that is obviously not scientific since the hours vary at certain points in the globe

Admittedly in the Holy Land probably the hours tend to be around 12:00 since it is rather near the equator
Or at least sufficiently close to the to the equator that it is approximately 12 hours a day around a year or at least 12 hours a day during the summer

But that does not matter because Christ is effectively establishing the theological law they just has 12 seems the number of fullness as in 12 tribes of Israel 12 apostles so 12 becomes the fullness of ours in a day

And now get get this my brothers and sisters



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Now this is mind-blowing and may provide the proof for the musical analogy and for the trumpets

Again the laborers go out five times during the day starting at dawn and then right before sunset

Remember that the hours are as follows
3rd hour
6th hour
9th hour
11th hour

Know that the 12th hour is sunset

Now get this

There are 12 total notes in the music period
And there are 12 hours in the day theologically by jesus's declaration

The unbelievable profundity of our conjectures is that exactly at every hour that the laborers go out

When we consider it a note in our scale

Then each time they go out it is next to a flat one exact flat and no more

And remember, each flat represents the source of Truth!!

This would imply that every time they go out they are being called to quote on quote workout the implications of that source doctrinally

And it works!!


However we need to know that how do we exactly correlate the notes to the timing of the hour

The key here is that the preface the precise moment of the hour lies directly lies in the thin line that separates right after the note and the note beyond it

For example Dawn is zero and the first flat is one

So Dawn is effectively The thin line that separates zero and one

In other words The thin line that comes exactly right after the number zero

So let's go!!!

Let's reevaluate the scale

Now numbering it according to the the flats included in the numbering so that there are 12 total numbers instead of just seven

0. Dawn
1. F: Trinity and incarnations source
2. In part
3. In full (islam)

4. F: the supreme apostolic successor source
5. In full (great schism)

6. F: the general apostolic succession and sacred tradition source
7. In part (moral corruption)
8. In full (protestantism)

9. F: scripture and all Divine Revelation source
10. In full (supernatural death enlightenment French revolution etc)

11. F: Reason source
12. In full (minor apostasy)

Bingo it all fits!!!

First laborers go out at dawn, right between 0 and f the Trinity and incarnation source

Next laborers go out at 3:00, right after Islam and before f the petrine see source

Next 6:00, right after the bishops and tradition flat source and the first part the moral corruption

9:00 ,  ditto right after the flat Source scripture and all divine revelation and just before the supernatural death of enlightenment etc

And 11:00, right after reason source and just before the minor apostasy!!!!

And hence the laborers in the vineyard May provide the very source and foundation for the revelation of the trumpets the musical scale that reveals them and the crucified feet

unbelievable or what?!